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A Virtual Library

of Virtual Libraries

(And Other Places You can find books and periodicals on the World Wide Web)

This page is still under construction, but I think you will find the links useful anyway. Right now, they are presented without much in the way of commentary. My plans for this site involve annotating and organizing the links. If you have any other links please e-mail me with the URL. Please no sites featuring pornography or erotica. I am also interested in any other comments you have concerning this site.


The On-line Books Page

IPL Reading Room Online Texts

Links to Electronic Book and Text Sites

The ETEXT Archives

Banned Books On-line

The Libyrinth

A1 Electronic Publishing at Orpheus Enterprises

Online catalogs with 'webbed' interfaces

Alive & Free

Literary Links

B&R SAMIZDAT EXPRESS, index (Richard Seltzer)


BIBLIOMANIA, The Network Library: Home Page

Book Stacks - Electronic Library


The English Server

WWWebster Dictionary - Search screen

Gopher Index gopher://yaleinfo.yale.edu:4320/7linkdb

Index of /afs/andrew.cmu.edu/acs/library/etexts/namedsubject

Eastgate Systems Home Page The Eden Etext Archive

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Electronic Text Center -- University of Virginia

the Henry James scholar's Guide to Web Sites * R. Hathaway *

Hermit's Electronic Publishing Page

Hyperizons: Hypertext Fiction

A Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet I

IBIC On-Line Books and Magazines page

The Internet Mall (tm)

LeftJustified Homepage

Moon Travel Handbooks

OmniMedia's Home Page

Directory of /obi

Open Book Systems (OBS) - Home Page


Project Bartleby

Directory of /public/libellus

Renlow Publishing Electronic Books

S.S. Publishing

Savetz's Unofficial Internet Public Domain Index

Savanti Press -- the E-publishing site

Internet Electronic Library Project at SFU

Edmund Spenser Home Page

Electronic Books

TeleRead: Bring the E-Books Home


Index of /Gopher/Library




Art.Net Links: Literature References

Books On-line, New Listings

The Human-Languages Page

Library of Congress Home Page

Virtual Paper and On-Line Literature

Yahoo! - Arts:Humanities:Literature


Jane Austen Info Page

Mark Twain - Home Page from The Mining Company

MendelWeb Homepage 97.1

Spinoza's ETHICS:

Kahlil Gibran

Lyrical Ballads

Book Stacks - Banned Books Exhibit

Departmental Translations, Classics, U. of Saskatchewan

Eighteenth-Century Resources

Fourth World Documentation Project Home Page

Project Runeberg

Project Wittenberg

The Victorian Women Writers Project

A Sherlockian Holmepage


Wolfgang Hink's wonderful guide to literature on the Internet

The Richard Lovelace Page

The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Publishers

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue

Star Thrower Publishing

Center for Electronic Text & Images Homepage

Internet Link Exchange
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