Discovering Your M-I-R-A-C-L-E Self


Terri Lynn Main

(Copyright 1995, Evangel Tabernacle Assembly of God, Fresno, Ca.)

In the field of psychology there is a concept known as "self actualization." Many people, including some therapists, unfamiliar with the theory, equate self actualization with selfishness. However, a list of people believed to have self- actualized disputes this interpretation. They include Ghandi, Moses, Mother Teresa, and the apostle Paul. One could hardly call these individuals selfish.

What the self actualization theory says is that each of us has a unique set of talents, abilities, predispositions and limitations. We will only be truly happy when we are flowing with these characteristics and not struggling against them. When I read about this theory, lights flashed, bells chimed, fireworks exploded because I saw in it a Biblical truth illustrated in a secular setting. God had made each one of us unique with a special set of Gifts and abilities. We don't have to be anything other than what he made us, but we will never be fully satisfied in him until we are flowing in everything he made us to be.

This is what I call discovering your M-I-R-A-C-L-E self. Each letter stands for a different characteristic of the self-actualizing Christian.

M-aster Planned. The first thing to realize is that we have a unique life plan laid out for us in heaven. Even though we don't understand it right now, my existence is a vital part of God's plan for the universe.

I-ndividual. One of the great truths of I Corinthians 12 is that each one of us is different and that we should celebrate those differences not only in others but in ourselves. The strength of the body doesn't depend on sameness, but on diversity.

R-estful. As long as you keep fighting against what God has planned for you, you will be miserable and tired. Once you give up the fight and follow God's plan for your life, you will find that deep soul rest that you seek.

A-uthentic. The MIRACLE self is truthful first with himself and then with others. Living a lie is hard. Living a lie successfully is harder. However, living God's truth is easy and the burden of that truth is light.

C-onnected. The self-actualizing Christian realizes that she is part of a larger community and commits herself to that community of believers in a personal way. As a friend of mine used to say, "There ain't no Lone Rangers in the Kingdom of God."

L-oving. Being part of a community means you extend yourself in love to others. We can only truly "find" ourselves by loving others.

E-nthusiastic. The self-actualizing Christian is fully present in whatever he's doing. And when God moves he enthusiastically rushes to move in the same direction.

Once you discover who you are in Christ and begin to flow in the spirit of that discovery, your spiritual life will reach heights where you thought only angels flew.

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